Future Aircraft Fuels?

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March 28, 2016 22:36:42

Fuel is the largest cost in the aviation industry. I was pondering the idea of a cooler burning jet fuel to help lower maintenance costs and even increase engine life.

Biofuels seem like the way of the future, and I'm all for it since it is a renewable energy source, but can we make a synthetic fuel with todays technology? I can be a lot cheaper than refining fossil fuels, and more readily available in larger quantities and not subject to climate change and conditions like biofuels. It seems like we've reached the peak of turbofan effieciency evidenced with Boeing and GEs GE9X on the 777X (and to an extent the GTF on the A320neo) being of lower thrust than its predesesor and focusing more heavily on aerodynamic improvements and lighter materials. And in a previous thread I made, it seems the piston powered aircraft are starting to move toward diesel from 100LL.

I'm not a chemistry or an engineering major, but this did get me thinking about the future of aviation fuels.