welcome to European Aviation Portal.

How we started

we wanted to create a place that would gather all aviator specialists, all pilots, no matter what they fly on – single engine pilots, UL pilots, heli pilots, glider pilots, paragliders, balloonists, etc., but also general public and all aviation fans. One place for all people in aviation. We opened the live version on 5th February, 2015.

Our portal offers

  • marketplace – where people advertise used aircrafts (free of charge)
  • news – new stories not only from the European Air
  • professionals – place for companies to present their products and services
  • pilot database – private pilot profiles to share their experiences
  • jobs – where anybody can post an aviation job offer
  • forum – to discuss all aviation topics
  • photo – to share your photographs with other enthusiasts
  • Eshop – where pilots can buy new products

Our goal

is to be the number 1 Aviation Portal in Europe.


AeroZentrum portal is owned and operated by company FABU Ltd.,
Druzstevna 12, 92101 Piestany, Slovakia.
ID: 50798561
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Commercial register: Piestany, Slovakia
Register number: 40058/T
Phone number: 0049 176 8190 0614
E-mail: info@aerozentrum.de

Project manager

Martin Fabula