Flysynthesis Texan Top Class

May. 16, 2017

Basic information

Year: 2010
Price: 49,800.00 €
Country: Italy
Region: Sardinia
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Aricraft has 530 Hours... Always hangared and Always used by a real passionate owner. Optionals: - Variable pitch propeller HYDROVARIO; - Ballistic parachute; - Elt; - Aeronautical Radio; - Transponder Mod. C; - Electric flaps actuator in 4 positions with LED indicators; - GPS AV MAP EKP IV - 2-axis FLY BOX Autopilot; - OBLO 'Artificial Horizon with indicators of GS, VS, AS, GIMETER; - Seats with headrest and seat belts; - Expiration of radio station on board 31/12/2024; - Advanced certification deadline 03/05/2019; - Pilot to the right;

Owner details

Company: DavideFlyer
Phone: +393663388116
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