Icon Moves Production Work to Mexico

Sep. 12, 2016

Text: Martin Fabula | Photo: Icon Aircraft Copmany

The Californian company Icon which produces A5 light sport amphibian aircraft will start producing composite airframes for the A5 in a brand new 33.000 square meter factory in Tijuana, Mexico, said the founder and CEO Mr. Kirk Hawkins.

The factory which could eventually employ 1.000 workers is set to open in November. The construction work will be finished by the beginning of the next year. Icon has decided to produce parts in house to be able to control and improve manufacturing process, but also reducing costs at the same time.

"Icon will own or control all manufacturing operations related to its composite fabrication in Mexico," said Hawkins.

"Parts will be made on Icon tooling, by Icon processes, to Icon standards, in Icon facilities. Just as before, composite parts will be shipped to Icon’s California facility for painting, systems installation, final aircraft assembly, testing, and final delivery. Icon has made this change in order to improve and control the manufacturing process while simultaneously reducing costs," he added.

Icon has slowed A5 production recently to improve manufacturing processes which shifted early aircraft deliveries to regional flight centers by about a year. Meanwhile, the company provides pilot training with 12 pieces of A5 produced to this date.


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