China’s brand new fighter Chengdu J-20

Nov. 09, 2016

Text: Katarina Kuchtova | Photo: wikipedia.com

Chengdu J-20 the new military fighter has been introduced by China during the international exhibition in the city Cu-Chaj. Two prototypes of J-20 have performed 1-minute-lasting flight and demonstrated basic flight maneuvers.

The airplane is marked by China as the aircraft of the fifth generation with stealth abilities. It is not clear, what is the real combat value of the aircraft because China has not provided any additional information. According to western some aviation and military experts the J-20 is designed only to show technological progress, but its military use is questionable.

It is also not clear if China works on sensors and advanced electronic systems which are the main feature of the fifth generation aircrafts.

Other controversial things about the aircraft are avionics and engines which are not China’s origin. Although they are manufactured in China, they have Russian origin. Other question about the engines is its use on stealth aircraft, as they have not been developed for such purpose and have higher heat signature.

The aircraft has been covered with mystery so far, also thanks to the lack of information from China’s side. The Chinese army plans to deploy Chengdu J-20s into their fleet by the end of 2017 and it is predicted that it will be developed more during the service.


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