Training aircraft T-X introduced

Oct. 05, 2016

Text: Katarina Kuchtova | Photo: boeing.com

A brand new jet fighter trainer called T-X has been introduced by Boeing and Saab in September. The main purpose of the aircraft is to provide training for USAF pilots. T-X will replace old aircrafts Notrhrop T-38 Talon.

Boeing T-X offers two seats – the back seat which is dedicated for the instructor is placed on higher level for better view. The airplane disposes of technologies used in aircrafts such as F/A-18 Superhnornet, JAS-39 Grippen and it is powered by General Electric GE404 engine. T-X can be fueled up during flight.

,,Our T-X is the right choice for training the pilots of future generation,“ Said Leanne Caret, CEO of Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

USAF’s plan is to buy 350 aircrafts, surface security, surface simulators, and other equipment which is neccessary for pilot training. The price will be around 7,4 mld EUR.

Now the question is – will American Army adopt this airplane? We will see their decision in 2017.


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