The 4th generation of the SKYWALK CHILI

Oct. 14, 2016

Text: Skywalk Paragliders | Photo: Skywalk Paragliders

When a well-known paraglider manufacturer introduces a new gilder, today’s pilots expect much more than just improved climb and glider performance – especially when we are talking about the new generation of the CHILI.

The CHILIs are a class for themselves. The name CHILI has long since been symbol for the optimal synthesis between high performance and balance flying characteristics in the EN-B class. That´s why designing a new CHILI is probably the greatest challenge for skywalk’s R&D team. The goal is to do more than just set a new milestone in the EN-B class. “Our aim is to provide CHILI pilots with a glider that makes them feel like they have chosen the product with the highest comfort factor on the market,” said skywalk paragliders.


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