New Paramotor Wing from NOVA

Dec. 07, 2016

Text: Nova Performance Paragliders | Photo: www.nova.eu

With the SPEEDMAX 2, NOVA introduces a new paramotor wing with impressive performance, a high level of stability, outstanding efficiency and wellbalanced handling. With the trimmers released, the reflexed trailing edge delivers a better pitch and directional stability. Closing the trimmers reduces the reflex in the trailing edge and the profile is equal to a standard paraglider. It then provides easier launch and landing characteristics, as well as more comfortable handling. The SPEEDMAX 2 is aimed at pilots who are looking for an efficient and high performing paramotor wing that is fun to fly.

NOVA has been developing and manufacturing paragliders for 27 years. So the Austrian brand excels with extraordinary expertise and experience. Over the last decade, the ION and MENTOR models set new benchmarks in conventional paragliders for their unique combination of performance, safety and pleasure to fly. These were exactly the goals that NOVA had in mind when developing the new SPEEDMAX 2 – a paramotor wing, which is based on the successful MENTOR series.

The Soft Reflex-Profile allows the pilot to adjust the profile setting of the wing. With the trimmers released, the reflexed trailing edge increases the stability of the wing: pitch stability and collapse resistance are increased. Closing the trimmers reduces the reflex in the trailing edge and the profile is the same as a standard paraglider. This brings advantages for the launch and extreme flight behaviour (because of the lower speed) as well as the handling (less brake pressure).

Philipp Medicus, head of R&D at NOVA, explains: “A reflex profile markedly stabilises a wing at a lower angle of attack. But it does NOT mean ultimate safety. In strong turbulence the wing can still collapse, despite the reflex profile. Due to the higher speeds and a lower angle of attack this means these collapses are often more dynamic. That is why we have chosen the Soft-Reflex Profile for the SPEEDMAX 2.“

Performance and efficiency: the MENTOR series is synonymous with outstanding cross-country performance. The SPEEDMAX 2 profits from these characteristics - surprisingly little thrust is needed to keep the wing up. It actually converts performance into efficiency, making it a real fuel saver. The pilot either benefits from higher speed or longer flight.

Thanks to its good inflation characteristics, the SPEEDMAX 2 is easy to launch, even in nil-wind. In combination with the agile handling and the good flare attributes, this results in a wing that is very easy to manage. The Combi-Riser System features two attachment points, which permits using different paramotors. It underlines NOVA’s aspiration for ease of use.

Target group: the SPEEDMAX 2 is a high-performance paramotor wing, which offers very predictable handling to the experienced pilot. The wing is designed for advanced pilots looking for performance or simply flying fun. It is not suitable for beginners.

The SPEEDMAX 2 is undergoing the certification process at DGAC and is available in four sizes, spanning an all-up weight range from 70 to 170 kilos.


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