Start your season with the BACKUP X115

Feb. 02, 2017

Text: www.u-turn.de | Photo: www.u-turn.de

The German paragliding company U-TURN has introduced an innovative line of reserve parachutes of the newest generation. The lightweight cross canopy X 115 is built in accordance with the newest development findings and provides all constructional advantages of the square reserve parachute with a sensational weight of only 1.2 kg.

The BACKUP X115 not only provides impressing minimum values at weight but also at the vital opening and sinking rates. Through elaborate calculations of the cross canopy shape and air outlets it results in a flight behavior that is almost completely free of pendulum movements.

Thanks to the usage of state-of-the-art high-tech materials the BACKUP X115 is a lightweight despite its uncompromising sized surface area. This is vital for the sinking rate and the stable flight behavior. Efficient air inlets - in combination with the pre-tensioning at the base edge through Rapid Inflation System (RIS) - compensate for the surface area at filling behavior and opening time.

1,2 kg weight 100/120 kg towing capacity EN/LTF certification

More info can be found here - http://u-turn.de/web/files/product-information_backupx_en.pdf


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