The New World Champion of 2016 is Dolderer

Oct. 05, 2016

Text: Martin Fabula | Photo: redbullairrace.com

Tens of thousands of fans came to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway track to watch thrilling action where the history has being made.

Germany’s Matthias Dolderer put in a perfect day of flying to not only win a first race in Indy, but also the World Championship title prior to the last race of the season in Las Vegas. He has been consistent all season and confirmed his ability to handle a big pressure.

Matt Hall, Nigel Lamb, Pete McLoeb, and Matthias Dolderer qualified into the Final 4.

McLeod was first out in the final round and set up the time to impressive 1:05.398 for the others to beat.

The second pilot on the track was Lamb. His flying was smooth and his final time was more than a second quicker than McLeod which put a pressure on Hall and Dolderer.

Hall run was very short as he hit the pylon at the beginning of the track at Gate 2. He collected three penalty seconds and knew he is out of the fight for the win.

Then it was in hands of Matthias Dolderer who performed clean and fast flight with a time 1:03:355 he took the win and became the World Championship 2016. "It's super emotional. And I want to thank my family, my friends and the best team in the world!" said the happy winner.

Pilots' reactions after the race:

1st Matthias Dolderer

"It's an amazing feeling and I haven't had time to realize what's happened. I didn't see Matt's pylon hit but when I heard his time I thought that I could fly easy and still win the World Championship. But you can have more problems if you take it easy, so I went for the fastest time I could. It's amazing, I'm going to go and kiss the yard of bricks because that's what the winners do here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I would like to thank my family, my amazing team and everyone who has supported me."

2nd Nigel Lamb

"I won in 2014 because I was consistent and that's how Matthias has won the World Championship, by being consistent. I'm happy with today, it's always good to be on the podium, but second is the first loser, so I'm a little disappointed because I really wanted to win the first Red Bull Air Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

3rd Pete McLeod

"It's been an up and down day today. I flew an unforced error in the Round of 14 and was lucky to get through because of Kirby, I feel for him as I know that pain from Ascot. I was fast in the Round of 8 but made another error in the Final 4 by not having my engine set up correctly. It's cool to be on the podium at the first race to be held here."


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